libwifi 0.0.3
An 802.11 Frame Parsing and Generation library in C
rts.c File Reference
#include "rts.h"
#include <string.h>

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int libwifi_create_rts (struct libwifi_rts *rts, const unsigned char transmitter[6], const unsigned char receiver[6], uint16_t duration)
 Create a RTS Control frame. More...

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int libwifi_create_rts ( struct libwifi_rts rts,
const unsigned char  transmitter[6],
const unsigned char  receiver[6],
uint16_t  duration 

Create a RTS Control frame.

rtsA fresh libwifi_rts struct
transmitterThe transmitter MAC address
receiverThe receiver MAC address
durationThe duration of the clear-to-send

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