libwifi 0.0.3
An 802.11 Frame Parsing and Generation library in C
common.h File Reference
#include "../../misc/security.h"
#include "../tag.h"
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

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Data Structures

struct  libwifi_bss
struct  libwifi_sta


#define LIBWIFI_BSS   0
#define LIBWIFI_STA   1


static void libwifi_free_bss (struct libwifi_bss *bss)
static void libwifi_free_sta (struct libwifi_sta *sta)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define LIBWIFI_BSS   0

Definition at line 24 of file common.h.


#define LIBWIFI_STA   1

Definition at line 25 of file common.h.

Function Documentation

◆ libwifi_free_bss()

static void libwifi_free_bss ( struct libwifi_bss bss)

Definition at line 64 of file common.h.

◆ libwifi_free_sta()

static void libwifi_free_sta ( struct libwifi_sta sta)

Definition at line 97 of file common.h.